Why the Resilience Project?

The word ‘Resilience’ has become the third ‘R’, alongside ‘Recruitment’ and ‘Retention’ in recent times and I believe that the three are intertwined. If we accept that recruitment is hard, then retention becomes that much more important. If retention is hard, then resilience becomes the key. We need to start more conversations about teacher well-being and ‘The Resilience Project’ provides you with 3 ways to start this vital dialogue.

Firstly, my book LIFT! offers 39 ways (one for each week in the academic year) to start a conversation about well-being and resilience. Covering a diverse range of themes and topics, the book is designed to provoke thinking that will lead to a discussion about staff well-being.

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Secondly, the Values-based Education Teacher Resilience Survey is another way of starting that conversation. This is a tool that investigates 12 aspects of resilience and gauges staff well-being in a more analytic way. Once the data is collated, you are then offered the opportunity to discuss the findings with a consultant to find productive ways forward. It helps to identify what is going well and what needs further discussion to resolve.

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The third way that ‘The Resilience Project’ can offer support is through consultancy with myself. This gives you an opportunity to open up to an experienced practitioner about how you are feeling, what impact the job is having on you and how you can improve the situation from wherever you are, at that moment. The ‘How I Deliver’ section highlights the benefits of working in this way and how it can spark a conversation in the workplace.